SOTU LIVEBLOGGING….This just doesn’t seem it’s likely to be a very exciting State of the Union address, does it? I mean, the big talking point earlier in the day from the White House was that Bush was going to focus on earmark reform. Yippee!

But hey — we’re professionals around here. When the CinC gives a speech, we’re here to liveblog it. So on with the show.

Wrapup: So that was, what? About 55 minutes? It may have been dull, but at least it was short!

And now CNN’s Jessica Yellin pipes up to tell us that at one point Senator Obama looked over his shoulder to see if Senator Clinton had stood up to applaud. Sigh. They just can’t help themselves, can they?

Ed Henry: “The White House spinners set low expectations and I think the president met them.” That sounds about right.

10:02 — Finally. The state of the union is strong. I was beginning to think my slam dunk prediction at the beginning might actually be wrong.

9:55 — Here it comes….wait for it….Yes! “We need to know who the terrorists are talking to.” Etc. etc. Bottom line: Pass the FISA extension and give telecom companies immunity by Friday or else everyone watching tonight will die.

9:47 — Jeez, Bush is really trying get credit for bringing the surge troops home, isn’t he? You’d hardly know that it had been planned ever since the surge began.

9:41 — We’re ten minutes into the foreign policy part of the speech and it’s….completely lacking in substance so far. Terrorists bad, surge good, yadda yadda yadda.

9:30 — Well, everybody’s in favor of keeping the United States the most dynamic country on earth. Good to know. But what’s Pelosi reading? A copy of the speech? Everybody seems to have one, so I guess so. Are they reading it to make sure they don’t get snookered into clapping for something they shouldn’t?

9:25 — If we don’t pass a bunch of trade agreements, “we will embolden the purveyors of false populism in our hemisphere.” Obviously he meant Hugo Chavez, but I’d guess that less than one person in a hundred watching at home figured that out.

9:20 — Man, it’s the same old hectoring Bush. Congress must do this. I’ll veto that. But jeez, he can’t even get applause from Teddy Kennedy for a call to extend No Child Left Behind.

9:17 — What are Pelosi and Cheney chatting about?

9:12 — “Wages are up, but so is the price of food and gas.” Translation: adjusted for inflation, wages are down.

9:10 — Ah, an appeal for bipartisan unity. Heartwarming.

9:05 — I predict that the state of the union will be “strong.”

9:03 — A bit of inane chatter on CNN about who’s shaking Hillary Clinton’s hand and who’s not.