OBAMA ON HEALTHCARE….Just when I’m warming up to Obama, his campaign pulls something like this. Yuck.

There’s nothing odious or unfair about this mailer. It’s perfectly normal hardball politics. But it doesn’t help the progressive cause on healthcare one whit. I sure wish Obama could figure out a better way to contrast himself with Hillary.

As a side note, when the subject of healthcare mandates came up last night, I was surprised that Hillary didn’t take (yet another) opportunity to suck up to John Edwards by using the argument Edwards himself put forward at the last debate to criticize Obama’s voluntary plan. As John Edwards has said, the problem with Senator Obama’s argument is you can make exactly the same argument about Social Security. I mean, you think about the analogy. What George Bush says is he wants people to be able to get out of the Social Security system, choose, elect to get out of the Social Security system. Well, that’s exactly what Senator Obama’s plan allows for healthcare.

I dunno. Maybe the Social Security analogy isn’t as good as I think it is. But it sure seemed like a quick, effective argument when Edwards made it.