ROMNEY’S SPEECH….Matt Yglesias comments on Mitt Romney’s post-election address tonight:

Right now I think he’s delivering a pretty damn good speech. Education policy expert Sara Mead says “this isn’t a winning message for him” — too negative — but it taps into my anti-Beltway rage (anti-Beltway rage only gets worse when you move all the way into the District of Columbia and realize that the country is run by jerks who ride the Orange Line).

I’m with Sara. Anti-Beltway populist spleen might work from, say, Mike Huckabee or even John McCain. But Romney? The guy looks and sounds exactly like the well-coiffed, bespoke-suited, technocracy-loving financial executive he is. The Huey Long act just doesn’t work for him. The whole thing sounded phoney from beginning to end.

Which, of course, is exactly how he’s sounded throughout the entire campaign. So I guess it’s only fitting that he sounded that way tonight too.

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