POOL RESULTS….So who won our delegate pool yesterday? Here’s a projection from Chuck Todd:

It looks like Obama, by the narrowest of margins, won last night’s delegate hunt. By our estimates, he picked up 840 to 849 delegates versus 829-838 for Clinton.

So figure it’s roughly 845-836 in Obama’s favor, which is precisely the prediction from Lerxst at 3:41 pm yesterday. Eerie. I’m actually not sure if we’ll ever get an absolutely precise delegate count from Super Tuesday, so this might be the best we do. Congratulations, Lerxst!

UPDATE: If this holds up, by the way, it means that Obama won 50.2% of the delegates to Clinton’s 49.8%. This is remarkably close to the two-person total of the state vote, which Obama won 51-49. Kinda makes you wonder why we even bother with all this state-by-state folderal in the first place.