FRANK RICH….I’ve never quite understood Frank Rich’s popularity among liberals. He’s always struck me as a guy who has an OK prose style but otherwise does little except regurgitate conventional lefty wisdom at far greater length than it deserves. And when it comes to the Clintons, he’s completely unhinged. Check out today’s column where he complains about Hillary’s pre-election special on the Hallmark channel:

The campaign’s other most potent form of currency remains its thick deck of race cards. This was all too apparent in the Hallmark show. In its carefully calibrated cross section of geographically and demographically diverse cast members — young, old, one gay man, one vet, two union members — African-Americans were reduced to also-rans. One black woman, the former TV correspondent Carole Simpson, was given the servile role of the meeting’s nominal moderator, Ed McMahon to Mrs. Clinton’s top banana.

So Hillary chooses a black woman to moderate the show and Rich insists that what she’s really doing is putting her in a “servile role”? Jeebus. The guy’s got a serious screw loose. And the rest of the column is no better, just a 1,500 word harangue of tired anti-Hillary screechiness. Andrew Sullivan probably loves it, but why would anyone else want to read this nonsense?