POLLSTER UPDATE….A couple of days ago, after I published SurveyUSA’s pollster report card, several commenters complained that SUSA had ranked pollsters by mean error, not median. This meant that one large error could make an otherwise good pollster look artificially bad.

Well, apparently the folks at SUSA read your comments, because SurveyUSA editor Jay Leve emails to tell me that they’ve updated their report card through last night’s contests and now rank them by both mean and median error. I’ve compressed the results to show only the eight pollsters (out of 39 total) who have done ten or more polls, and the results are on the right. Full results, including ranking by mean scores, are here.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, Mark Blumenthal evaluates SUSA’s ranking methodology here. Beyond that, if you’re interested in following SUSA’s commentary on a regular basis, their blog is here.