THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO “HMMM”….Normally, John McCain can’t talk to the press often enough. Michael Scherer reports that on Thursday that suddenly changed:

In the wake of a scandalous New York Times story suggesting a romantic fling with a lobbyist, McCain arrived at a Ford Focus car assembly plant with a decidedly tense grin plastered across his face. His campaign staff promptly separated anyone with a pen or a tape recorder from the candidate. “The McCain campaign decided who they wanted on the tour, and it’s only photographers,” a nice lady from Ford announced after a reporter spotted the candidate behind a car chassis and tried to approach him.

….At the end of the day, McCain boarded the plane with his wife, his staff, and his daughter, Meghan, who trailed an entourage of friends, bound for Indianapolis. On another night, he would have sauntered to the back to chew the fat with reporters. But on this night, he only came half-way down the aisle, keeping a safe distance. “Everybody happy?” he called out. “Fun day. Fun day.” McCains eyebrows bounced up and down to signal his sarcasm.

His question, of course, was rhetorical. He didn’t want to hear anything more. Before anyone could answer he had wheeled around and gone back to his seat, beyond the reach of reporters and their notebooks for just a while longer.

Look, there’s no two ways about it it: this is very weird behavior. If there were really no story here, McCain wouldn’t be avoiding reporters. He’d be yukking it up and insisting to a sympathetic press corps that he was the subject of a comically thin hit job from the Times. Instead he’s acting almost like a caricature of a guilty man. What’s going on here?

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