SNEAK PREVIEW….I have to hand it to Bill Kristol. He manages to sum up the upcoming conservative attack on Barack Obama in a single paragraph:

Barack Obama is an awfully talented politician. But could the American people, by November, decide that for all his impressive qualities, Obama tends too much toward the preening self-regard of Bill Clinton, the patronizing elitism of Al Gore and the haughty liberalism of John Kerry?

Yes, yes, and yes! I’d say that insinuations of preening self-regard, patronizing elitism, and haughty liberalism are almost certain to be the heavy lifters in the Republican attack toolbox this fall. Unless, of course, Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, in which case they’ll attack her preening self-regard, patronizing elitism, haughty liberalism, and grating shrillness. Who says conservativism is out of new ideas?

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