GREETINGS FROM MUSIC CITY….Matt Yglesias draws my attention to a Tennessee Republican Party press release that goes the whole nine yards against Barack Obama: it’s got the Hussein middle name, it’s got the Farrakhan stuff, it’s got the picture of Obama “dressed in Muslim attire,” and it’s got “more disturbing evidence of Obama’s anti-Israel leanings.”

Indeed. And all from the poisonous pen of Nashville blogger Bill Hobbs, who is currently the communications director for the Tennessee GOP. But Bill is fighting back against the elitists who find this stuff loathsome. He’s mad because he thinks the press should be paying attention to Obama’s obvious pro-terrorist sympathies, but instead, for some reason, they’re getting bent out of shape about his use of Obama’s middle name:

Apparently, using Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name is a no-no….Silly, of course. Run a Lexis-Nexis search for the number of times the media has used Hillary Rodham Clinton’s middle name, often to underscore her feminist leanings and independence from her husband. Do a search for how many times during the 1988 and 1992 campaigns the media called the first George Bush “George Herbert Walker Bush,” to underscore the media’s protrayal of Bush as a preppie elitist.

Well, I’m convinced! Nice work, Republican Party of Tennessee.

UPDATE: Ah, I see that the photo and the Hussein references have now been removed from the press release. Apparently someone at the Tennessee GOP has more sense than Bill Hobbs.

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