LOCAL AIRPORT NEWS….Here’s some non-campaign news for you. Here in my hometown — or whatever you call the county you live in — there’s apparently a move afoot to rename John Wayne Airport. Some local businessmen, obviously traitors to the cause of free enterprise, want to call it John Wayne-Orange County Airport.

Well. Can you imagine? I hope these guys are ridden out of town on a rail.

Anyway, our biggest problem is confusion, and this wouldn’t solve it anyway. Depending on who’s doing the list, our airport might be listed as John Wayne, Orange County, SNA, or Santa Ana. So usually you have to check half the alphabet to find it. What a pain. I’d vote for just changing it to Orange County Airport and changing our airport code to OCX, sort of like LA is LAX. But we can keep the statue.

UPDATE: Via Debra in comments, here’s an interesting little article about how airports are named. Enjoy.

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