STOP THE MADNESS….Michelle Cottle has the rare good sense to agree with me, so I’m going to quote her at length:

Enough with all the whining. Also enough with all the smack talk about how there must be something seriously wrong with Hillary/Obama as a candidate or s/he would have been able to close the deal by now. Horsefeathers. This isn’t a primary in which Democratic voters are having a hard time making up their minds because both candidates are so disappointing. That’s what’s happening with the other team. Democrats’ problem is that they have two candidates who are firing up the electorate, as seen in the consistently high turnout at the polls and the jaw-dropping fund-raising figures. ($30 million and $50 million in just one month? John McCain would kill for that kind of trouble.)

And when did we all get so damn delicate about campaign ads and critical fliers? I swear, all those hyperventilating pundits comparing Hillary’s 3 a.m. ad to LBJ’s “Daisy” ad make me long for the days of forced institutionalization. Seriously. Time to adjust your meds, guys.

….All things considered, this has not been an ugly primary. There is still plenty of time for it to get that way — especially if the party can’t figure out a sensible way to address this Florida-Michigan delegate nightmare that it brought on itself. But we ain’t there yet. So everyone just buck up and stop acting as though the Democrats were somehow entitled to a smooth nominating process.

I have to say I’m dumbfounded at the number of people who seem to be completely freaking out over last night’s results, convinced that they spell doom for the Democratic Party and eight more years of Republican reign. But look: it’s a tough campaign. But that’s all it is. Hillary Clinton is not destroying Barack Obama, blacks and young people and old people and the working class and everyone else will eventually rally around whoever wins, the party is still in good shape, Republican members of Congress are quitting in droves, we’re raising trainloads of money, and John McCain continues to be a putz. Let’s stop the hyperventilating, OK?

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