PHONE HOSTILITY….Lots of hating on telephones today:

Yglesias: “I couldn’t be more thrilled with the phone’s decline. I used to be painfully shy as a person, and while I’ve largely gotten over that IRL I still find it incredibly stressful to talk to people on the phone.”

Atrios: “I think I enjoyed chatting with girls when I was 13 or so, but since then I’ve pretty much hated the phone.”

Alan Jacobs: “This is a loathing I share, and have for a long time.”

McMegan: “Weird fact: every single (successful) blogger I know hates talking on the phone. I’m gregarious face to face, and I’m an inveterate user of various kinds of textual messaging, but I would rather scrub my floors with a toothbrush than get on the phone.”

I don’t know why this surprises me, but it does. I am, in fact, still fairly introverted, and not much of a conversationalist in any setting. And I certainly use email way, way more than the telephone. But hate the phone? No.

Except for telemarketers, of course, who can burn in hell. The rest of you, no problem.

POSTSCRIPT: Though I guess it’s worth noting the difference between making and receiving calls. I don’t like to make calls all that much, mainly because I’m afraid I’ll be annoying somebody. But receiving calls is pretty stress free.

I wonder how common phone hatred is? Is it the kind of thing that’s actually fairly widespread but you never find out about it until you bring up the subject?