MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA….I have resolutely avoided blogging about how, why, and whether the Democratic Party should or should not seat delegations from Michigan and Florida, which were decertified last year for breaking party rules about how early they could hold their primaries. But this, from BTD, strikes me as odd:

Let me say this, that if Obama and the Democratic Party force themselves to exclude Florida and Michigan from the Democratic Convention […] kiss Florida and Michigan goodbye for November. Chalk up 44 electoral votes for John McCain right now.

I’ve heard this before, and obviously it’s central to the notion that we have to do something about Michigan and Florida. But is it really true? Obviously Republicans and independents don’t really care about internal Dem feuding, so it’s only Democrats who are affected by this. But is there really a sizable pool of Democrats in either state who are both (a) so committed to the party that they care about stuff like this and (b) so uncommitted to the party that they’re willing to either stay home or vote for John McCain in November? Or is the argument that activists will be so pissed off that they’ll refuse to man phone banks and knock on doors, thus scuttling Clinton/Obama’s ground game? I’m not sure I get the logic here.

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