QUOTES OF THE DAY….Quote #1 comes from Phillippe Sands, in a Vanity Fair interview with Doug Feith about his role in ensuring that the Geneva Conventions wouldn’t apply at Guantanamo Bay:

“This year I was really a player,” Feith said, thinking back on 2002 and relishing the memory. I asked him whether, in the end, he was at all concerned that the Geneva decision might have diminished America’s moral authority. He was not. “The problem with moral authority,” he said, was “people who should know better, like yourself, siding with the assholes, to put it crudely.”

The full article is called “The Green Light,” and it’s about the Bush administration’s top-down attempt to authorize the use of torture against enemy combatants while making it look like it came from the bottom up. Well worth reading.

Quote #2 comes from Joe Klein, responding to a piece of Pollyanna shilling about the Battle of Basra from war enthusiast Fred Kagan in the Weekly Standard:

On the day that John Yoo’s remarkable torture memo is released, this foolishness is a reminder that none of these people — none of the vicious, mendacious, naive, simplistic, unapologetic, neo-colonialist ideologues who promulgated this disaster — should have even the vaguest claim on the time or tolerance of fair-minded people. Fred Kagan’s certainty is an obscenity, his claim to expertise a farce.

C’mon, Joe, tell us what you really think.