FRIDAY BUTTERFLY BLOGGING….Inkblot and Domino are on vacation this week. (I know, I know. As if there’s a difference.) Taking their place is my mother’s cat William, roaming around in her new native-plant, water-friendly, climate-appropriate front yard garden. It’s about three months old and coming in nicely. Not a single plant lost yet! And in one of those weird “small blogosphere” coincidences, the landscape designer who installed the garden turns out to be Jerome Armstrong’s cousin.

And of course spring is now springing, which means the new garden is starting to attract lots of pollinating bees and fluttering butterflies. The bees are a little too small to catch on camera, but one of the butterflies is on the right. If you live out west, this should all put you in a nice springtime frame of mind. If you don’t, it’s a harbinger of pleasanter times to look forward to. In the meantime, you can always warm up by offering your cat a lap.

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