DUMPSTER DIVING….For some reason, I thought that the fad for rooting through company trash looking for dirt had gone out of fashion. Doesn’t everyone shred their trash these days? Or incinerate it? Or something?

Apparently not. Over at Mother Jones, James Ridgeway tells the story of Beckett Brown International, a security firm that, until it distintegrated due to infighting, specialized in spying on environmental organizations for its business clients:

Greenpeace was the target of one of BBI’s more elaborate — and cinematic — intelligence-gathering efforts, according to company documents and an interview with an eyewitness. Jennifer Trapnell, who was dating [Tim] Ward in the late 1990s, recalls an evening when she accompanied Ward on a job in Washington D.C. “He said they were trying to get some stuff on Greenpeace,” she says. Ward wore black clothes and had told her to dress all in black, too: “It was Mission Impossible-like.” In Washington, Ward parked his truck in an alley, she remembers, and told her to stay in the truck and keep a lookout. In the alley, he met a couple of other men, whose faces Trapnell did not see clearly. Ward was talking on a walkie-talkie with others, and they all walked off. About an hour later, the men came back and placed two trash bags in Ward’s car. Trapnell says she didn’t know what they did with the bags — and Ward never explained.

There’s also a Taco Bell email that’s worth a read. Click here for the whole story.