MORE MUD….Over at NRO, Mark Krikorian offers tomorrow’s anti-immigrant wingnuttery today:

[A recent] survey found that 82 percent of American Christians felt they had a “moral and biblical” obligation to support Israel, including 89 percent of evangelicals, but also 76 percent of Catholics. It’s this last statistic that’s striking evidence of Americanization — I haven’t seen comparable polls elsewhere, but it seems exceedingly unlikely that even a majority of Catholics anywhere else would agree.

….The policy point is this — does anyone think three-quarters of the grandchildren of today’s Hispanic Catholic immigrants will be similarly pro-Israel? It’s not that Latin immigrants are uniquely anti-Semitic (I suspect they’re more anti-Semitic than today’s Asians or yesterday’s Irish and Italians, but less so than Eastern European immigrants); rather, our ability to Protestantize them (in the sense I’m using it) has declined dramatically compared to a century ago.

Seriously? We need to keep out the Mexicans because their grandkids might not be Likudnik enough? Hoo boy. Unfortunately, the very fact that this is so wildly unhinged practically guarantees its wide distribution among the nativist hordes in short order.

John Miller valiantly fights back with some actual facts here. Good luck.

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