FIREFOX vs. SAFARI….This is totally off topic from everything, but…..

A few people have emailed recently to tell me they’re having problems loading the blog in Safari on a Mac. I can’t really check out this problem rigorously since I don’t have a Mac, but last night I downloaded the Windows version of Safari to see if perhaps it was a generic Safari bug. Long story short, everything loads fine on my machine, so I still don’t know what the problem is. But now I have another question.

The first thing I noticed when I loaded a few pages into Safari is that it uses some kind of (proprietary?) font-smoothing algorithm that makes most pages practically unreadable. I tried changing the settings, but all four of the available options sucked. At least, I thought they sucked. An example from the blog is below. So here’s the question: Does this really suck? Or do most people actually prefer the smudgy Safari font to the sharper Firefox font (which appears to use the Windows rendering engine)? Is there any way to change this? Or what? I’m tossing this critically important question into the maw of the comments section because, after all, who better to debate the relative merits of Mac vs. PC than blog commenters?

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