GET A GRIP….Megan McArdle writes about sexism in the blogosphere:

I do not know whether being a woman has ultimately helped or hurt my career, and I don’t waste time worrying about it. But I get a little testy when Kerry Howley and I, among many others, see the comment threads on our media appearances degenerate into extended wardrobe critiques, or debates about whether and under what conditions one might “hit that”. I’m irritated when interlocutors both left and right assume that my second X chromosome has conveyed upon me a sacred obligation to agree with their political ideas. I’m annoyed that a typically female narrative style, which touches on personal experience, is derided as fundamentally unserious — particularly when it is so derided by people who admire it in feminist bloggers. And I’m perilously close to despair at finding that so many of my correspondents not only believe that pointing out that I am 35 and unmarried is a devastating insult, but apparently expect me to share that opinion. Was I born in 1973, or am I living in it?

One of the most inexplicable tropes of the liberal blogosphere is its howling disdain for Megan. I guess it all goes back to the moronic “two-by-four” controversy, but it really ought to stop. She writes a perfectly sane, opinionated, moderately libertarian, occasionally obsessive, sometimes provocative blog. I don’t often agree with her, and at times I find her maddeningly obtuse, but I’m sure she feels the same about me. In other words, she’s a totally normal blogger. Michelle Malkin she ain’t.

Anyway, comments are disabled on this post. I don’t need the grief. But folks really ought to get a grip.

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