HILLARY AND MOVEON….In comments below, John B. and Cleek both want to know why I haven’t commented on Hillary Clinton’s dissing of MoveOn. So just for the record, here it is.

You can read her comment here. Basically, I don’t think it’s a big deal. The activist base of the party has opposed Clinton, so it’s no big surprise that she’s not very happy with them. And although it’s not true that MoveOn opposed the Afghanistan war, it’s such a close call that this hardly rates higher than a 1.5 on the Misrepresentation Richter Scale. Like just about everything that’s happened over the past month or two, this is much ado about nothing.

But that said, I support Obama, not Hillary, and I think she’s doing a lot of damage to the party by continuing her quixotic bid for the nomination instead of stepping aside and supporting the man who’s now virtually certain to win. What’s more, she’s done a lot of stuff to piss me off lately, and the fact that I think she’s endured a lot of unfairness during the campaign only goes so far. Bottom line: I’ve got better things to spend my energy on than defending her on this. She’s got plenty of partisans of her own who can do that.

I imagine everyone has noticed that my campaign coverage has been pretty minimal over the past few weeks. That’s deliberate. I’m tired of Hillary, I’m tired of the insane depths of trivia the media (and the candidates) have descended to, and I don’t feel like writing much about it. I’m more interested in following the almost pathological pandering and flip-flopping coming out of John McCain’s camp these days — you can practically feel the desperation if you watch closely — but it’s hard for that to get a lot of traction until the Dems finish up their race. So for now, I’m mostly just watching and waiting.