OBAMA AND THE PRESS….Barack Obama got annoyed with a reporter this morning who tried to ask him a question, snapping “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” Jay Newton-Small comments:

Journalists in general don’t relish asking politicians questions in awkward situations, like on a golf course or over a waffle. But sometimes our hands are forced: Obama hasn’t given a press conference in 10 days and the questions, some of them — like Hamas — rather important, are starting to build up. If he wins the nomination he’ll be running again John McCain, whose philosophy is to give the press total access to the point of saturation; Obama might consider holding avails with a little more regularity. Then, maybe, reporters would let him to eat in peace.

I’ll confess that I don’t understand this, but it’s been reported too many times to dismiss it. Obama just doesn’t give the press much access, sometimes shutting them down for weeks at a time. Why? Does this make sense to anyone else as a campaign strategy? I’m baffled by it.

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