HOW OLD IS JOHN McCAIN?….Did you see John McCain’s taped appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend? You can check it out here. James Fallows had pretty much the same reaction I did:

What on earth was John McCain thinking, in agreeing to do a SNL spot 35 minutes into the show? The run-into-the-ground “joke” line was, “I am older than anyone can possibly believe. Hardee-har! I am so incredibly old!” Jeesh. He came across as a good sport, but, well, old. Everyone has seen SNL items that could be used as campaign ads. This is the only one I can think of where a candidate intentionally produced something that could be used as an attack ad on himself.

I get it: McCain was trying to defuse the age issue, which he knows is festering away out there. But this didn’t defuse it. It just introduced it to a whole new audience. Dumb.

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