TURNABOUT, FAIR PLAY, ETC…. It’s about time somebody slammed Howard Kurtz for his multiple conflicts of interest. His interview with CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier when his wife is the publicist for her book is one thing (he disclosed this at the tail end of the glowing profile). But here’s the guy who is supposed to be the nation’s foremost media critic, yet he’s employed by the Washington Post and CNN/Time-Warner, two of the nation’s largest media companies. Not to mention that practically everything he promotes as a major media ethics story has the uncanny knack of bubbling up through some right-wing blog site. He’s been a hack for some time and the Dozier interview is the least of the transgressions.

…I also have a post at Hullabaloo about the reaction to Scott McClellan’s book, particularly from the media, who responded to his claim that they laid down on the job during the run-up to the Iraq invasion with both guns blazing. And I assume you’ve all seen Jessica Yellin admit that her corporate bosses at the time pressured her to produce positive stories about the President and the war. Can’t wait for Kurtz’ reaction. Is his wife working on Scottie’s book, too?