FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….SPECIAL UK EDITION….I’m back. Jetlagged, but back. Full service blogging will resume tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s a special vacation edition of catblogging.

We spent the second half of our holiday in Britain, and on Saturday we drove up to visit Wells, home to one of England’s loveliest cathedrals. Also, it turns out, home to Louis the cathedral cat, pictured on the left. My mother found him curled up on the bishop’s seat in the choir, and a bit later when we went outside we found him again, sunning himself in the churchyard. You can find pictures of Louis from other tourists here, here, here, and here.

Our base of operations in England was the village of Woolavington, where we stayed at Chestnut House, a wonderful B&B run by Paul and Verena Brandon. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a nice place to stay in Somerset, not least because it’s home to Poppy and Cinnamon, two very friendly cats. That’s Poppy on the right, wandering around on the roof, one of her favorite places. In fact, there was a sign in my (second story) room warning me that if I left my window open at night Poppy might come visiting, and one night she did exactly that, jumping into my bed around 5 am and purring up a storm before she decided to curl up by my feet for her early morning nap. She also joined us for breakfast every morning and greeted us when we got home each evening from the confines of her favorite chair.

Coming tomorrow: actual political blogging from me! Coming next Friday: the return of Inkblot and Domino!

UPDATE: I almost forgot. It turns out that dead cats are not the answer to global warming. Just thought I’d lay that rumor to rest.

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