STATUS OF FORCES….Andrew Sullivan ponders the real reason that the Bush administration wants a long-term presence in Iraq:

What I fear is that the Bush administration and many neo-conservatives are claiming one thing, while planning for another; and after the last eight years, the trust level is low. I fear they want a permanent presence in Iraq to reassure Israel; and to pursue the option of war with Iran. I fear the bases are there to detain, contain or attack the regional Shiite power, Iran, and to reassure the regional Sunni powers that the US military will protect them. If this is the agenda, please let us know. Let the American people examine and debate it. Have McCain own this position rather than refer to it as a premise as if we already know what it is.

What is there to say except, duh? The purpose of having overseas military bases is….military. Just don’t forget that Syria is part of the mix too.

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