WOMEN FOR OBAMA….Are Hillary Clinton’s supporters so bitter that they plan to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama? Maybe a few of them are, but it’s hardly a widespread sentiment:

Now that the Democratic marathon is over, Clinton supporters [] are siding heavily with Obama over McCain, polls show. And Obama has taken a wide lead among female voters, belying months of political chatter and polls of primary voters suggesting that disappointment over Clinton’s defeat might block the Illinois senator from enjoying his party’s historic edge among women.

….”There are women still struggling with a real sense of grief that Hillary is not the nominee,” said Maren Hesla, who runs campaign programs for Emily’s List, a group that promotes female candidates who support abortion rights. But that sense “will grow smaller with every day that passes from the nomination battles.”

….An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found a wide gap last week: Women favored Obama over McCain, 52% to 33%. The survey also found that voters who cast ballots for Clinton in the Democratic primaries preferred Obama over McCain, 61% to 19%.

Carly Fiorina is not going to be enough to reverse this trend. Women in general, and Hillary’s supporters in particular, are going to vote for Obama by a wide, wide margin when November rolls around.

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