RELEASE THE FICO!….I demand that Barack Obama release his FICO score. If he doesn’t, he risks losing the trust of all hardworking, mortgage-paying heartland Americans who paid average rates for their mortgages because they had average FICO scores.

Seriously, folks, I know it’s summer, but has the beltway press corps gone completely batshit insane? I usually don’t bother posting on outrage-of-the-day stuff because I find it kind of boring, but this week has already been one for the books and it’s only half over. First we had the inane Wes Clark pseudo-scandal (note to pundits: Clark was echoing Bob Schieffer’s words because that’s how people usually respond to questions) and now we have a complete non-scandal over the fact that people with high incomes generally qualify for slightly better mortgage rates than regular working stiffs. Is there something in the water back in DC, or what?

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