BENTONITE REVISITED….Shortly after the 2001 anthrax attacks, Brian Ross of ABC News reported that government tests showed that the spores contained traces of bentonite, a substance linked with Saddam Hussein’s bioweapons program. But that wasn’t true. So did Ross’s sources lie to him? Today he talked to TVNewser and says they didn’t:

Ross tells us, “Our sources were current and former government scientists who were all involved in analyzing the substance in the letter.”

….”Their initial conclusion, based on microscopic examination was a brown substance that initially was reported as bentonite. We went back immediately after the White House told us it was not the case. We were told after further chemical analysis it was determined it was a silica, but not bentonite — something they had never seen before but had a brownish color.”

So according to Ross, his sources didn’t lie, they just made a mistake. More details at the link.

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