QUOTES OF THE DAY….From John McCain, talking to David Broder about the “tone and direction” of the campaign so far:

“I’m very sorry about it,” McCain said in a Saturday interview at his Arlington headquarters. “I think we could have avoided at least some of this if we had agreed to do the town hall meetings” together, as he had suggested, during the summer months.

Barack Obama, responding with a drier wit than Broder is probably used to:

“I think the notion that somehow as a consequence of not having joint appearances, Senator McCain felt obliged to suggest that I’d rather lose a war to win a campaign doesn’t automatically follow.”

Bizarrely, Broder actually frames the entire column around the possibility that the lack of debates has turned the campaign negative. In the gamma quadrant, maybe so, but back here at home I’d take a guess that McCain’s hiring of Steve Schmidt had a wee bit more to do with it.