WHAT DO MEN WANT SURF?….Professor B points us today toward this site which examines your browsing history and tells you your gender. Here’s mine:

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 2%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 98%

Site    Male-Female Ratio
youtube.com    1
walmart.com    0.77
nytimes.com    1.13
foxnews.com    1.41
washingtonpost.com  1.15
drudgereport.com  2.08
latimes.com    1.3
slate.com    1.11
guardian.co.uk   1.33
newsday.com    1.08
dot.gov     1.11
nndb.com     1
nationalreview.com  1.74
mcclatchydc.com   1.9
scienceblogs.com  1.41
motherjones.com   1.47

It’s a good thing I wrote that post about Walmart the other day or else I wouldn’t have a single site that wasn’t male-dominated. Which is kind of a problem: it turns out that virtually every mainstream news site is male-dominated in its readership, which means that pretty much anyone who spends a lot of time reading news on the web is going to get coded as male by this algorithm. Still, it’s sort of interesting to see the difference between, say, McClatchy and the New York Times. Have fun.

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