BACKING DOWN….Ezra on George Soros:

The Right’s success in making “Soros-funded” an epithet has been startling, and the effects depressing. Soros himself is now cautious about who he funds, refusing to act as lead donor in controversial initiatives where his presence could endanger the project’s credibility. Similarly, various programs and groups are now more cautious about taking Soros’s money because they’re worried about the association. Thus, these projects don’t get funded, and good work doesn’t get done.

The left, of course, has tried its best to demonize “Scaife-funded,” “Coors-funded,” etc., but it’s never really worked. They kept giving their money away with no problems. But why? Is it because (a) the right is better at demonizing than we are (with help from their fellow travelers, of course), or (b) we get scared and back down a lot faster than they do? Or both?