A CYBER FAREWELL TO KEVIN…Even as someone who worked for the same magazine as Kevin for two years — albeit on different coasts — I still feel like most of what I know about him I know from reading his blog. Not just the basic facts of his life, but his sensibility: rigorous, analytical, slightly detached but strongly opinionated, and above all, curious about almost everything. (Though I have to confess that, being a dog lover myself, I usually skipped the Friday cat-blogging.)

Working with him was a pleasure too, though. When I edited a piece on identity theft that he wrote for the magazine, I remember talking to him on the phone and struggling to keep up as his mind leapt quickly from a diagnosis of the problem to a perfectly crafted solution. I improved as an editor more from working on that piece with Kevin than on almost any other.

Thanks for being a great colleague, Kevin — as well as for producing a blog that’s always one of the first things I turn to online. I’ll be following you just as closely at your new home.

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