Socialism Is Everywhere

In a stunning reversal, John McCain today endorsed the redistribution of wealth:

“We have a plan of action to get America’s economy going again, Maria, and it has to do with a wide range of prescriptions. But one of them is to keep people in their homes. Look, it was the housing crisis that started this, OK? Fannie and Freddie, this — was the catalyst that blew this whole thing up. And frankly, the administration is not doing what I think they should do, and that’s go in and buy out these bad mortgages, give people mortgages they can afford, stabilize home values and start them back up again. They did that during the depression, it was called the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation.””

Did you catch that? John McCain wants to take your money and “spread” it to various mortgage lenders. Apparently, he thinks that he knows better than you do how your money should be spent.

On reflection, this shouldn’t come as such a surprise. McCain has endorsed a variety of other socialistic, redistributive measures. His website notes that “John McCain believes we must enlarge the size of our armed forces to meet new challenges to our security.” Needless to say, this amounts to redistributing taxpayer dollars — your dollars — to the men and women who would join McCain’s enlarged military. Likewise, McCain proposes spreading some of your hard-earned wealth to defense contractors: “John McCain strongly supports the development and deployment of theater and national missile defenses”, and he “has fought to modernize our forces, to ensure that America maintains and expands its technological edge against any potential adversary”. In yet another capitulation to socialism, “he is committed to ensuring that veterans’ health care programs receive the funding necessary to provide the quality health care our veterans need and deserve” — in other words, to taking the money you have earned and giving it to veterans who get sick. Talk about the nanny state!

The horrors continue: “He will commit a $5,000 tax credit for each and every customer who buys a zero carbon emission car”. Apparently, John McCain doesn’t believe that you and I are competent to decide for ourselves whether to give money to people who buy hybrid cars. No: the government will decide for us, and let us foot the bill. Likewise, “John McCain Will Commit $2 Billion Annually To Advancing Clean Coal Technologies.” Why can’t I decide for myself whether or not I want to fund clean coal? Or to contribute to a $300 million dollar prize for the development of batteries for plug-in hybrids? Or give foreign aid to Israel? And why is John McCain so eager to expropriate my money to pay for his priorities?

John McCain might think it’s the role of government to use my money to “provide $5,000 for health insurance to every American family”. But those of us who cherish genuine American values know that that’s just a fancy way of saying that he wants to spread the wealth.

This is socialism, pure and simple. John McCain believes that the President and the Congress should have the right to expropriate our money, and spend it on what they think matters. It’s un-American, and I, for one, can no longer be a part of it.

That’s why I’m moving to Somalia, where I can live under a limited nonexistent government that respects my freedoms, as the Founding Fathers intended.

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