ROVE’S ENEMIES LIST…. About a year ago, Karl Rove began shopping for a book publisher, but found that interest in his book was tepid, at best. One report noted that Rove made the rounds with of publishers with a power lawyer at his side, and quickly found that there would be no bidding war. An executive at one of the houses said, “It’s very, very slow.”

Eventually, Mary Matalin’s conservative imprint at Simon & Schuster came to terms with Rove, and the book is on the way. What will Bush’s “Architect” have to say? Amanda Terkel notes a report this morning indicated Rove’s intention to “name names.”

Much of Washington, Rove said, never accepted Bush as a legitimate president and “acted accordingly.” … “There were people who never accepted the legitimacy of George W. Bush and acted accordingly,” he said. […]

Also reserved for between the covers of Rove’s book is his checklist of the “great many of the political actors in this town (who) never accepted him as a legitimate president.”

“I’ve got behind-the-scenes episodes that are going to show how unreceiving they were of this man as president of the United States,” Rove said, adding: “I’m going to name names and show examples.”

Great. Rove is going to identify all the people he doesn’t like, and all the big meanies who were less than kind when his former boss failed at every opportunity.

No wonder publishers didn’t jump at the chance to get behind the book.

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