KRUGMAN TALKS TO TRANSITION TEAM…. The Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins notes that Paul Krugman appeared on Bill Press’ radio show this morning, and made just a little news.

Krugman in contact with the Obama team?


When master economist, columnist, and plain ole intellectual (so few left these days) Paul Krugman was asked this morning about whether or not he was “in communications” with the Obama administration regarding the economy, he declared: “Yes … I am. And that’s all I care to talk about.”

Now, admittedly, that’s not much to go on, but I’m encouraged anyway, in part because I think Krugman’s right about the economic policies the Obama administration should pursue, and in part because I was under the impression that Krugman wanted no part of government service.

I recall an item Krugman wrote in January, explaining his belief that he’s “temperamentally unsuited to public office.” He noted that he interviewed with Bill Clinton shortly after he’d won the Democratic nomination in 1992, but was turned down. Krugman said he was “lucky” to have been rejected, because “it would have been a great disaster had I been offered a job.”

If Krugman’s 12-word comment on the air this morning is any indication, he’s probably striking the right balance — he’s not looking for a job in the administration, but he’s “in communications,” presumably offering economic advice, with the president-elect’s team.

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