THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT…. A global recession is tough on most businesses, but the president is doing his part to stimulate at least one part of the economy — in Turkey.

Seems that shoe an Iraqi journalist threw at him last week has become a hot-ticket item, with orders for 300,000 pairs pouring in from Iraq, the United States and Iran, Bloomberg News reported.

The Turkish shoe manufacturer, Ramazan Baydan, said he may rename the brown shoe, called “Model 271,” the “Bush Shoe” or “Bye-Bye Bush,” and he’s hired an agency to look into television advertising.

The new orders for the shoe are four times what he normally sells in a year for that model, he said, so the company is going to hire 100 more people to boost production. In addition to orders in the Middle East, Baydan said he’s received a request for 4,000 pairs of shoes from a Maryland-based company called Davidson.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Executives at Ramazan Baydan are no doubt wondering why someone couldn’t have thrown one of their shoes at Bush even sooner.

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