Wednesday’s Mini-Report

WEDNESDAY’S MINI-REPORT…. Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Violence in Gaza continued for a fifth straight day, after talks broke down for a possible cease-fire.

* U.S. markets ended the year on an up note, after a disastrous year in which six years of gains were lost.

* Roland Burris and his staff are now referring to him as “Senator Burris.” He says he plans to attend the chamber’s swearing-in ceremony next week.

* Burris was, apparently, Blagojevich’s second choice — Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) turned the governor down last week.

* Speaking of Blagojevich, Patrick Fitzgerald wants an additional 90 days to bring an indictment against the governor.

* The Arkansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a new state law that bans unmarried couples that live together from becoming foster or adoptive parents.

* One of the main problems with the Republicans on the Federal Election Commission is that they don’t seem interested in enforcing the law.

* Remember Vikki Iseman? She’s suing the New York Times for $27 million.

* I’m sorry to see the Village Voice let go of Nat Hentoff.

* California’s budget problems are pretty extraordinary — and not in a good way.

* I enjoyed Andrew Golis’ year-end piece: “The Ten Young Progressive Intellectuals Who Make Me Hopeful.”

* Ed Kilgore has a good piece of his own, highlighting various political memes that became conventional wisdom, but which turned out to be completely wrong.

* Congratulations to James Joyner on the birth of his daughter.

* And finally, don’t forget that tonight, we gain an extra second. Set your clocks accordingly.

Anything to add? Consider this the very last open thread of 2008.