11:35: I’m watching the inaugural festivities on television, unsure what to say. It’s a scene unlike any I’ve seen. I know crowd estimates are verbotten, but I have to assume this is the biggest inaugural crowd in history, and an audience that exceeds all expectations.

11:36: The boos for Bush and Cheney from the crowd are noticable.

11:37: Olbermann noted that the inauguration is already 15 minutes behind schedule.

11:39: Obama, walking alone, appears unusually calm. It’s striking.

11:42: I hope I’m not the only one who keeps pausing and thinking, “Wow, this really is happening.”

11:47: Feinstein kept things fairly brief. She’s not a bad speaker.

11:48: Rick Warren’s on.

11:53: It was obviously overtly Christian, but Warren at least avoided political commentary in his invocation.

11:57: Stevens looks great for his age, doesn’t he?

11:58: Congratulations, Vice President Joe Biden.

12:00: Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma have serious chops. Just sayin’.

12:04: Roberts, Obama. The crowd goes wild.

12:07: I’m not even going to try to live-blog the inaugural address. Consider this an open thread, starting … now.

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