The RedState Strike Force Strikes!

Erick Erickson of RedState has a message for the RedState Strike Force about their latest triumph (and may he enjoy many more victories like this one):

“Persevere. And relish victories like we had last night – the House Republicans heard us and stood united against Barack Obama’s socialist stimulus plan.”

He seems to be a bit more concerned about Mitch McConnell, though, and so he has come up with a new plan of action for the Strike Force:

“So here’s what we need to do. I’ve said he lost his testicles and is now spreading a cancer of capitulation throughout the Senate Republican Conference. We need to send Mitch some balls.


We’re teaming up with the Don’t Go Movement to do just that. Go here and send Mitch some balls. The House GOP can hold the line. Mitch and the Senate GOP should do the same and oppose the stimulus bill.

Mail the balls to Mitch’s Louisville Office (…)

The Senate GOP Leadership needs to stand up for the GOP, not kowtow to the Democrats.”

The DontGo Movement is more colorful about what sorts of things people might send to Senator McConnell:

“These items could be golf balls, novelty items (think Spencers, eBay, Amazon for inspiration), or real items such as various “dried scrotum” products found in grocery stores (make sure we can actually ship this sort of thing first).”

I’m trying to imagine the look on one of Mitch McConnell’s staffers’ face when he opens the package, takes out a shriveled bit of skin or desiccated flesh, tries to figure out what it is, and realizes that it’s a bit of dried genitalia. What, I wonder, will he say to Senator McConnell? “Um, Senator, in addition to these letters from your constituents, you also received eight dried scrota, three cans of prairie oysters, twenty-six golf balls, eighteen ping-pong balls, two basketballs, and one testicular tumor preserved in formaldehyde. They’re from people calling themselves — let me check — ‘The RedState Strike Force’. No, I don’t know what it’s about, but I’ve called security to be on the safe side.”

That should really win McConnell over.

Still, the general concept is not entirely devoid of interest. Do you think we should start a campaign to send Erick Erickson a clue?

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