MEGYN KELLY’S DEFINITION OF ‘REASONABLE’…. Attorney General Eric Holder delivered a powerful speech yesterday on civil rights. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, while chatting with Juan Williams this morning, apparently found Holder’s remarks kind of scary.

KELLY: [Holder] said [the DoJ] has a special responsibility in addressing racial ills. That — that strikes fear down the spines of many conservatives in this country, because they don’t want the Justice Department taking us back to the day when they get heavily involved in things like affirmative action, and things like voter registration rights. […]

WILLIAMS: What you will see I think is more aggressive enforcement in terms of existing civil rights laws. And that was the fear that the existing civil rights laws were not being enforced by the Bush justice department.

KELLY: Well a lot of people thought that the Bush Justice Department sort of got us back to the point where we were — we were being reasonable.

I suppose it depends on the meaning of “reasonable.” When it came to civil rights, Bush’s Justice Department endorsed re-redistricting schemes that undermined minority communities, launched absurd inquiries into a non-existent epidemic of voter fraud, and purged the Civil Rights Division of those deemed insufficiently Republican.

Indeed, Ali Frick noted that the former head of the Voting Rights section found that Bush’s Justice Department “notably shirked” its duties when it came to protecting minority voting rights.

But Fox News’ Megyn Kelly seems to think the Justice Department was “being reasonable.” What’s more, she seems genuinely worried we might have a DoJ that starts taking civil rights seriously again.

The mind reels.

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