THERE ARE OTHER SENATORS…. A press release just arrived via email:

Katie Couric will speak to Senator John McCain in a live web exclusive interview tonight (24) on and at approximately 10:30 PM, ET, immediately following CBS News broadcast coverage of President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress. The Webcast includes live response to viewer questions….

It occurred to me that Katie Couric had just interviewed McCain on the “CBS Evening News,” and sure enough, she did. It happened right around the time McCain was interviewed on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” which occurred right around the time McCain was interviewed on the “CBS Morning Show.”

So, naturally, when CBS News looks for someone to offer some analysis of a presidential address to Congress, Katie Couric turns, once again, to John McCain. It will be his fourth interview in three weeks on just this network.

Atrios noted last week, “I do wish President McCain [was] on my teevee a bit more often.”

Perhaps CBS didn’t pick up on the sarcasm.

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