Hey Paul Krugman!

Somehow, this YouTube just seemed appropriate today:

(via Calculated Risk, who also notes Dr. Krugman’s answer to a similar question.)


Update: I don’t have any idea whether any of you share my interest in utterly weird music — music that makes you think: someone actually went to some trouble to do this? — but if you do, and if the idea of companies in the 60s and 70s recording musicals about their products seems at all interesting, you should check out the following links:

(a) American Standards’ The Bathrooms Are Coming, about bathroom fixtures. I think the two best are ‘It’s Revolution! Bathroom Revolution!‘ and ‘My Bathroom Is A Very Private Place‘.

(b) GE’s ‘Got To Investigate Silicones‘. The standout here is ‘Paradox‘.

(c) More.

Enjoy — if that’s the right word. 😉