PAWLENTY’S SHORT MEMORY…. Usually, when lawmakers “wholeheartedly support” something, they vote for it.

Republicans say the budget proposed by the Obama administration will require higher taxes in the future and unfairly loads debt onto future generations.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Saturday that President Barack Obama has talked about tax relief, but his budget suggests he’ll be raising taxes.

“I thought President Obama’s proposal to eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses was a pretty good idea. And his pledge to lower taxes for middle-class Americans was something Republicans wholeheartedly supported,” Pawlenty said in the GOP radio and Internet address. “But the budget that Congress is considering doesn’t provide that tax relief.”

Republicans “wholeheartedly supported” the president’s tax-cut package from February? I seem to recall universal GOP opposition to the bill. Maybe congressional Republicans “wholeheartedly supported” the White House proposal the same way Obama is going to “cut” military spending.

The GOP must have declared “opposite week” and forgot to tell people.

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