“He Used … Sarcasm”

Erick Erickson informs us that “The Obama Thugocracy Has Arrived“, and that Obama is “turning to the bully pulpit and the press to beat the hell out of dissenters.”

“Beating the hell out of dissenters”? With the White House Press Corps? It all sounded very peculiar, so I clicked the link Erick provided, expecting an account of Obama sending Helen Thomas to a tea party with a truncheon. To my surprise, I found a story about a lawyer for the hedge funds who sent Chrysler into bankruptcy, claiming that Obama had threatened his clients with “the full force of the White House Press Corps”. The White House denies the story. But suppose it’s true: how does this amount to a “thugocracy”, or to “beating the hell out of dissenters”? Luckily, Erick explains:

“Yes, yes, the White House denies the story. But while denying it, the White House was also proving the story true. Barack Obama took to the bully pulpit to heap scorn and derision on the the bankruptcy attorney’s hedge funds and money managers.”

Ah. I see. He used scorn. He’s a veritable Doug Piranha, that President of ours:

“Vercotti: Doug (takes a drink) Well, I was terrified. Everyone was terrified of Doug. I’ve seen grown men pull their own heads off rather than see Doug. Even Dinsdale was frightened of Doug.

2nd Interviewer: What did he do?

Vercotti: He used… sarcasm.”

Though Obama added a twist that even Doug Piranha never thought of: not just scorn, but derision. Next time, he might go even further and add ambition, distraction, and uglification, or even — I shudder to think of it — fainting in coils.

I am a bit confused, though. Not by the fact that Erick, who just called a sitting Supreme Court Justice a “goat f*cking child molester”, objects to “scorn and derision” — we all have our moments of weakness. What puzzles me is how someone who thinks that waterboarding is fine and dandy can simultaneously believe that scorn and derision are just too much for the human heart to bear.