OBAMA: ‘I WANT IT DONE BY THE FALL’…. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced today that the Senate will not take up health care reform until after the August recess. Soon after, President Obama spoke at a town-hall event in Ohio with a few thoughts on the matter.

“[W]e just heard today, well, we may not be able to get the bill out of the Senate by the end of August or the beginning of August,” Obama said. “That’s ok. I just want people to keep on working. Just keep working.

“I want the bill to get out of the committees, and then I want that bill to go to the floors, and then I want that bill to be reconciled between the House and the Senate, and then I want to sign a bill. And I want it done by the end of this year. I want it done by the fall.

“Whenever I hear people say it’s happening to soon, I think that’s a little odd. We’ve been talking about health reform since the days of Harry Truman, and he’s saying reform is coming too soon. ‘Too soon’?”

August is bound to be interesting.

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