‘Freedom fighters’

‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’…. On the heels of congressional Republicans comparing health care reform to terrorism, I suppose it stands to reason that these same lawmakers would be equally creative in applying labels to themselves.

This morning, for example, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) described opponents of health care reform as “freedom fighters” on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

“The number one thing people can do is come [to tomorrow’s ‘house call’ gathering], see their member of Congress, look at them in the eyes, especially with other freedom fighters in tow, and let them know that the lessons of August, they should not forget, at their peril.”

Syntax aside, “freedom fighters”? Republican activists are now the Contra contingent of American politics?

These folks clearly need better labels. Republican leaders have also taken to describing conservatives as “insurgents” and similar to the “Taliban.”

There’s a certain American political tradition that honors a loyal opposition. This isn’t it.

The road back to power for the Republican Party does not go through becoming freedom fighting insurgents.