Massachusetts Open Thread

MASSACHUSETTS OPEN THREAD…. The polls will close in the Bay State in just a few minutes, and results will be coming in from across Massachusetts over the next couple of hours. There are no exit polls — local outlets had to decide weeks ago whether to invest in them, and no one seemed to think it’d be worth it — so the political world will just have to wait.

Though, it may not have to wait too long.

It seems like a good night for an election-related open thread for those of you watching “American Idol” keeping an eye on the vote tallies.

Any predictions? Any noteworthy media coverage? Any surprises?

And here’s the odd question I’ve been kicking around all day: if all the polls show one candidate is going to win, and everyone fully expects that candidate to win, is it really a “huge upset” when that candidate actually wins?

The floor is yours.