‘ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, BABY’…. As a rule, it’s not an especially good sign when a major political party loses its top communications staffer three times in three months. And yet, we learned this week that Gail Gitcho, the Republican National Committee’s national press secretary, is leaving her post to join Sen-elect. Scott Brown’s (R-Mass.) staff.

Chris Cillizza added, “Gitcho’s departure, which comes only months after RNC communications director Trevor Francis and deputy communications director Todd Irons also left their posts, is sure to be seen by some as a sign of the continued difficulties for [RNC Chairman Michael Steele] atop the national party committee.”

RedState, a prominent right-wing blog, added:

[W]ithout communications staff, the RNC must rely on Steele to get its message out. And we all know how fantastic he’s been on that front.

The observation was, to be sure, intended as sarcasm.

Soon after the item was published, Steele was asked by a reporter whether he might put some effort into avoiding humiliating gaffes. He replied, “Oh, no. Accidents happen, baby.”

The gift that keeps on giving.

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