In an update to the strange case of the student at an historically Presbyterian Texas college who objected to the phrase “in the year of our Lord” on her diploma, the college says it’s staying on. San Antonio’s Trinity University announced Thursday that:

The Board of Trustees affirms that it is appropriate, given this institution’s heritage and culture, that the words “in the year of our Lord” remain on diplomas conferred by this Board. Trinity University calls upon the larger community to respect, honor, and embrace all members of the Trinity family. Furthermore, we affirm the University’s intrinsic mission as a liberal arts and sciences institution, where future leaders are prepared for life in a global society and where they are informed and fortified by diversity.

In March, Muslim student Sidra Qureshi led a campaign to try to get her school to remove “our Lord” from all Trinity diplomas after the school informed her she couldn’t have the phrase removed from her diploma exclusively.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that Trinity Diversity Connection, one campus group supporting the “our Lord” removal, said the TDC:

[R]espects the decision the board of trustees made and appreciates their time and concern on this issue. While this was not the decision many of us were hoping for, we realize that this is a complicated issue. (TDC) will continue to represent, and advocate for, diversity on our campus.

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Daniel Luzer

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