SUE LOWDEN, STILL STRUGGLING…. The worst of Republican Senate hopeful Sue Lowden’s “bring a chicken to the doctor” fiasco is probably behind her, but when asked to talk about her nationally-mocked understanding of health care policy, Lowden is still struggling.

Jed Lewison posted this clip from KTVN-TV in Reno last night, a news segment about the now-infamous “chicken for checkups” mess. The station caught up with Lowden to give her a chance to explain what went wrong. It didn’t go well.

The clip is worth watching, but of particular interest was when local reporter Brandon Rittiman asked about the widely publicized remarks. Looking clearly uncomfortable, the Republican candidate said, “I, I, I’m not sure, uh, what to say, as far if it’s been dragged out of proportion.”

Asked specifically if she regretted her choice of words, Lowden added, “I, I, I talk about the fact that the Reid campaign is desperate to change the subject from his very unpopular health care bill.”

I’ll take that as a “no”?

It’s tempting to think that her campaign aides, with instructions from the national party, would be offering Lowden some pretty reasonable tips about how to address this. Maybe laugh it off with some self-deprecating humor? Maybe some policy explanation that demonstrates a familiarity with health care policy?

If last night’s interview is any indication, Lowden either isn’t getting good advice or she isn’t listening to good advice.

Update: Complicating matters for the far-right candidate, Lowden’s GOP primary opponent is seizing on the issue, too. This instantly makes it more difficult for her campaign to blame Harry Reid for the notoriety of the story.

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